Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week 2

Waxing philisophical has proven to be a lot of fun these first two weeks, and the open discussion format has been great.   I'm really enjoying my small discussion group as well.  Sometimes the vast history of music education and opinions expressed seem daunting and hard to fully grasp.  With each class, I come away with another book I want to read or another opinion I want to further explore.  A feeling that has permeated a number of sessions is that a career in music education is my fate.  Thinking about the who, what, when where, and how.  Musing on the functional, aesthetic, praxial, sociological, and cognitive has not only assured me of my calling but I think will aide in my becoming a good teacher.
Interestingly, the most involved discussion was on the use of computers in class.  Students that have given little input in class thus far suddenly had a lot to say on this topic.  I thought some of the arguments in favor of using computers didn't hold water.  I think the absence of computers has allowed for some lively discussions that otherwise wouldn't have reached or included a vast number of students in class.  I have been flabbergasted at how many times I see students surfing on their computer or phone.  Our culture of multi-tasking scares me.  I'm guilty of having a football game on in the background right now, and I often multitask.  But, technological advances often lead to bad habits like multitasking.  I often long for a time or place where everyone is present in the moment.....where our leisure time isn't spent in front of a TV.  I feel like generations being raised with their eyes and ears glued to screens will be deficient in their ability to interact face to face.  Attention spans aren't getting any longer either.  There is sad wisdom in the Taliban quote "Americans have watches, but true believers have time."

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  1. I agree with the moderation of computer usage. Interesting how it became such a hot discussion.